The Journey

From the Freeman Fox Team Handbook – June 2005

Some companies you may have worked for in the past may have been big corporations where the history of how they began has been forgotten about and the reason why you, the new employee, are there is simply to fill the seat of the person that left two weeks before you arrived.

At Freeman Fox the journey of how the Company arrived to where it is today, is as much of a story as that of Peter Spann’s personal story.

How it all began

While the past is the past and here at Freeman Fox we believe in creating a new tomorrow, understanding a little about how the Company began and what it has taken to get it here, will, we hope, inspire you to maintain the passion that drives this Company.

You see Freeman Fox began as a simple seminar Company…

In 1995, encouraged by friends to teach them his techniques, Peter presented his first investment workshop.

It was a success and Peter’s love for presenting and ease on stage ensured that his success as a presenter meant it wasn’t long before he decided to open his own seminar company. Freeman Fox was born and with only three staff (including Peter) his dream of sharing his investing strategies and helping other Australians on how they too could become rich came true.

“If I can do it, so can you”.

This is Peter’s strongest message and one that he wanted to share with as many people as possible.

The late 90’s saw the thirst for investing knowledge sweep across Australia and it wasn’t long before Freeman Fox was presenting Peter onstage in front of thousands of people each weekend across the country.

From Perth to Brisbane, to Melbourne and Sydney packed venues of 1,500 and sometimes more, would be greeting Peter, ready to learn about how they too could realise their dreams.

Those were busy days, driven by passion, hard work, long hours and lots of travelling for everyone involved. The strong team of telemarketers, event managers and administrative staff, worked hard to ensure Freeman Fox become the number one seminar company in Australia beating those who were promoting the likes of Robert Kiasaki and Anthony Robbins.

The Red Ferrari

The first newspaper ad we ran showed a picture of Peter standing next to his F355 Ferrari.   It was in fact a last minute addition by the art department because the ad (which was text intensive) was to be ran on a colour page and they needed a picture to “lift it”.

It was so popular just about every ad we ran for years, and the cover of his bestselling book, “Wealth Magic” featured that and subsequent Ferraris.

Peter and his red Ferrari became a household name and people loved him for his no nonsense approach to teaching quality investing strategies that worked.

While other companies and presenters were busy trying to copy him and his strategies, Peter focussed on teaching his clients how to become wealthy and knew that if he could do that, then his personal dream would be fulfilled and Freeman Fox would become successful.