The purpose of this website is simply to answer the question, “What happened to Freeman Fox?”

Such is the depth of emotion that was created by this business over 27 years of operation that, as founder, it is still the most common question I am asked by former clients and team who I bump into.

It is a story that begins with a grand vision – financial freedom for everyone (yes, we really believed we could deliver on the promise), and ended with the small minded greed of a few.

It is rare that such a small company can have such a huge impact on so many people.

During the time we were a “simple” seminar company (1995-2001) I was at my happiest.

We educated, we motivated, we created and we built.  We had a fantastic team, made a massive impact, generated literally thousands of testimonials, made millionaires and I lived a wonderful life.

Transitioning to a full blown financial services company never set well with me as I had made fun of them for so many years, but it seemed the logical next step.

From 2001 to 2008 Freeman Fox had a dream run.  Ever increasing growth, expansion, profit and contribution.

The numbers were extraordinary.  We started with a team of 3 and at the peak had a team of 170.  We started with 33 clients and at the peak had over 70,000.  Our team managed $1.7 Billion in clients investments and they did so with integrity and enthusiasm.

Whilst the GFC didn’t end all that, it did put a screeching halt to a lot of dreams and had our team, used to accolades and happy clients suddenly learning how to cope with the fear that a market collapse brings.

Mostly I think we managed that well.

A Personal Homage

It’s also a personal homage to 25 years of my life.

Regardless of what people think in the wash up we set out to do good and the majority of the people who worked with me in that time shared our dream, vision and passion for creating financial freedom.
And we did some amazing things together – world class seminars and education programs that positively impacted people’s lives, raised cpital and floated companies, built builds and sold new homes, created 4 Managed Funds, and designed 6 others.

It was one heck of a ride!

So here, in this website, finally, is the untold story of Freeman Fox

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