This article about Freeman Fox Clients and Service Philosophy was taken from the Freeman Fox Team Handbook – 2007 


Creating Raving Fans


Our clients are the most important people in our business. Their needs come first and they must receive friendly, informative, efficient service. Some clients will not want to attend our seminars or purchase products from us; they may simply be seeking information which will always be given in a courteous way.

Our customers expect a lot more than just a nice voice on the end of the phone. They want quality products and services, they want value for money and they want knowledgeable team members to guide and help them. Through our exceptional service at Freeman Fox we shall provide all of this and more.

We have created a unique “hand holding” level of service that is very rarely found in the financial services sector. This suits our clients as they are often the type of investor who requires extra support and assistance to ensure they understand the strategies that we teach and products that we provide.


Our service

Our goal at Freeman Fox is to provide our clients with a KYSOS (Knock Your Socks Off Service) attitude. Smiley, friendly service just doesn’t cut it anymore. You must go out of your way to constantly update your knowledge, give extra information to the clients, follow up on special requests and provide fantastic service that keeps our clients loyal to our business.

At all times you must be courteous, polite and caring towards their needs and desires. Even one bad experience can turn a loyal client away from our business.

Remember, to the client at the seminar, in our office, or on the phone – you are our business


Service is everyone’s job

Whatever your position within our Company, you must always address clients in a polite, attentive and friendly manner. Even though they may not be ‘your’ clients, you are still involved in service by serving the team member whose client it is.

We must never forget that service is the key to getting our clients to support our business and keep them, and their friends coming back.


But who are our clients?

Our clients are generally aged 40-60 but increasingly we are attracting people aged 25 to 40.

They have a combined household income of $60K+.

They own their own home and in most cases now have an investment property or some shares.

They have money to invest which is either in their home as equity, in cash, shares or managed funds. They have superannuation as one of their primary tools for retirement, however it may not be as much as they would like it to be.

They are probably married with children.

Our clients are generally money savvy and have a desire to be wealthier than they are today.


And why have we chosen them?

There are a number of reasons why we have chosen this particular type of client. One of the reasons is because they are loyal. Although initially they may be sceptical, once they are on board they are loyal and are willing to stay with you. We know that if we look after our clients, they will look after us with repeat business and quality like-minded referrals.

Other reasons why we have chosen this type of clients is because generally we share the same aspirations as they do and having the same aspirations and goals means you will be able to relate to them that much easier. These clients have money to invest and have a desire to be educated.

And finally the key reason is because nobody else wanted them! Peter Spann noticed that there was a niche in the market place for this type of investor – the big players didn’t want to speak to them as they didn’t have enough money and the small players didn’t know how to deal with them, nor did they have the appropriate products for them.


And why have they chosen us?

Well they aspire to everything that Peter Spann is and what Freeman Fox stands for.

They share the same values and beliefs as us and they generally know that they are selling themselves short.

They see Peter’s image and they know that at Freeman Fox we will push them to help them achieve their goals, just as Peter achieved his.

We will not let our clients “off the hook” with their investing. We overcome their fears through education and then as educated people we invite them to invest.

We then follow up to ensure that they implement what they should be implementing and when they don’t, we give them the gentle nudge that they need to keep going!

While many other companies are simply concentrating on their bottom line, our clients see Freeman Fox helping their clients to success.


And what do they want?

The number one goal that we hear from our clients is comfort and security.

They want to do this by creating a passive income to replace their personal exertion income. In addition to this, they also want to retire comfortably, and early in some cases!

They also want to trust their advisor, improve their lifestyle and in some cases leave an inheritance.


How do we provide it?

We educate our clients on how to create a balanced portfolio of quality assets.

We take them step by step through Peter Spann’s investing strategy helping them to implement what they learn and we do this with empathy and understanding through a structured hand holding process managed by the FoxPlan system.


Client Age Groups

 Age Group % of Clients % of FUM
18-19 0.44% 0.00%
20s 7.51% 1.05%
30s 24.74% 15.15%
40s 31.97% 38.98%
50s 23.66% 32.21%
60s 9.91% 11.63%
70s 1.44% 0.91%
80s 0.32% 0.07%


Client Location and Fund’s Under Advice (FUA)

State Client % FUA%
NSW 42.69% 47.30%
QLD 22.03% 24.18%
VIC 22.75% 18.74%
WA 3.72% 3.41%
ACT 1.90% 2.39%
No State 3.65% 1.40%
SA 1.33% 1.15%
Overseas 0.46% 0.59%
TAS 0.49% 0.42%
Not Known 0.87% 0.28%
NT 0.11% 0.14%