To share with you the flavour, style and culture of Freeman Fox in its heyday this article about Philosophy and Values was taken from the Freeman Fox Team Handbook – 2007 

What is Freeman Fox about?

Quite simply, Freeman Fox is about financial freedom for everyone. We aim to make our clients wealthier than they are today and we even go as far as saying our goal, unashamedly, is to make our clients financially free.

When you come into our office one of the first things you will see is the success stories of our clients hanging on the walls of reception.

We change lives

Normal, everyday Australians who at one point, realised that they were selling themselves short and that their financial and personal dreams, whatever they were at the time, were not being realised. For whatever reason they had, it was at that point that they decided to pick up the phone and call this Company to see if we could make a difference in their lives. We did. And we continue to change the lives of thousands of other Australians every year.

However Freeman Fox is not only about changing the lives of our clients, it is also about changing the lives of its employees.

By joining our Company, you join our journey, and so far the journey has been exhilarating, so I hope you have come prepared. Wherever you are in life, prepare yourself to step up a gear, as this Company has been created with you as well as our clients, in mind.

Peter Spann’s philosophy of financial freedom for everyone is designed as much for you as anyone, and by joining this Company you can immerse yourself in the financial education, services and support that go with it.

Everyday you come to work you have the potential to change lives.

This is the bigger picture.

Whether you stuff envelopes, present on stage, create a financial plan, or sell a membership, each one of us is changing the lives of our clients and in turn, our Company. It is this philosophy that drives this Company and each of the employees who work here.

When the going gets tough, as it often does, you must remember that everything you do, every single day is contributing to someone changing their life. You may not realise it now, but maybe one week, one year or 10 years later, the next success story on the wall could be from one of your clients that you helped during your time here. This is the essence of Freeman Fox and if you are passionate about seeing others succeed and love being a major contributing factor to that, then you will really enjoy (and hopefully even love) your time here with this Company.

You see because we spend the majority of our time at work, it is really important for us at Freeman Fox to enjoy what we do. So we have worked hard at creating a culture that allows us as human beings to make the most of our time at work. We believe in our product with a passion, we encourage personal success and celebrate our wins, we enjoy teaching each other and like to share our knowledge, we are professional in our approach to our clients.

We strive to always perform at our best and we ensure that at the end of the day we are having fun.