To share with you the flavour, style and culture of Freeman Fox in its heyday this Company Overview was taken from the Freeman Fox Team Handbook – 2005

About Freeman Fox 

Founded in 1991, the Freeman Fox group is a boutique financial services organisation for Independent Investors.

Freeman Fox offers the following products and services:

  • Financial Planning and Wealth Creation Strategy
    • Wealth Club
  • Mortgage Finance
    • Freeman Fox Finance Pty Ltd
      • Member of MIAA
    • Stock Broking (Equities and Options)
      • Freeman Fox Securities Limited
        • Founded 1987 – acquired 2000
        • Participating Organisation of the Australian Stock Exchange
        • Holder of a Financial Service Licence
      • Managed Investments
        • Fox Invest Limited
          • Unlisted Investment Company
          • A.R.P. Shares Mandate
          • $14 million Funds under management
        • Fox Portfolio Pty Ltd
          • Portfolio Management Services
        • Property Fox #1 Ltd
          • Residential Property Fund
          • $7 million funds under management
          • 360 Shareholders
        • Property Fox #2 Ltd
          • Residential Property Fund
          • $2 million funds under management
          • 150 shareholders
        • Freeman Fox Capital Ltd
          • $2.5 million funds under management
          • 130 shareholders
          • Venture Capital Fund
        • Investment Property
          • Freeman Fox Property Pty Ltd
            • Licensed Real Estate Agents in NSW, Qld, Vic
            • Member of REIQ and REINSW
          • Self Managed Superannuation Funds
            • Wealth Club
          • Wealth Education through seminars and audio visual


We have 71,000 names on our database from all states of Australia and some from Overseas.

Freeman Fox has offices in Brisbane and Sydney and currently employs 51 people.

The company primarily services the middle market investor.

Profile of average client:

  • 35 to 65
  • Married
  • 1 and ½ income family
  • $80,000 PA household income
  • $300,000 to invest

These investors are largely ignored by the larger broking houses and investment banks so our competitors are primarily small financial planning firms who, in the current regulatory environment struggle to provide service while maintaining compliance and do not have the resources to offer a diverse range of service.

Our mission is to become a “one stop shop” for all of our clients’ investing needs.

The company’s projected turnover for 2005 is $8 million.  Income comes primarily from Stock Broking, Financial Planning and FUM fees.  New income streams include mortgage finance, real estate sales and property management.

Average turnover growth of the company over the last 3 years has been 17%.

Freeman Fox plans organic growth in 2005 by the addition of more advisers, financial planners and para-planners as well as developing product streams through the cultivation of relationships with funds managers and financial product providers.

The goal is to move from our existing client base of 2,700 active financial planning clients to 3,500 by targeting existing names on the database and advertising campaigns in March, June and September.

Freeman Fox also plans dynamic growth through acquisition of target financial services companies through the capital raised by Freeman Fox Capital.  Any growth from these activities will be additional to projected organic growth.