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This list below is the performance of Freeman Fox’s VOLition Products as at August 2014

It is important to note that every single investment has had positive performance from a capital gain point of view since inception.

This is a testimony to the Freeman Fox’s effort in negotiating with Macquarie a circumstance where the investment could be reset into the market and promoting that option to clients.

In order to get the very best outcome for clients Freeman Fox invested $2.5 million in creating this outcome through cancelled commission agreements, agreeing to forego fees, and committed the resources of the company to call every client involved and explain their options.  94% of the funds were reinvested.

The following performance information is for existing investors in the VOLition Fund.


E – Max+ 1.1375 64.450%
Initial Adjusted Index*: 4,461.00
Adjusted Index at 31 July 2014: 5,450.07
Volatility at 31 July 2014: 11.02%
Participation Rate at 31 July 2014: 130.00%

* At commencement of the Index Contract on 14 August 2009

A MGL 113.77% 1.1377 1.1396
B MGL 121.00% 1.2100 1.2262
C MGL 111.46% 1.1146 1.2357
D MGL 131.49% 1.3149 1.3183
E MGL 139.36% 1.3936 1.4542
F MGL 113.53% 1.1353 1.1376
G MGL 115.49% 1.1549 1.1574

* MGL = Macquarie Group Limited

^ Please note that these figures are rounded, and are calculated based on your initial investment in a Series, without taking into account distribution reinvestment. To determine your Protected Value or Maturity Value, please reference your initial investment or disregard any units issued pursuant to distribution reinvestment.

This information is current as at the date noted above.  Please note that the performance information provided is not a quote or redemption estimate, is subject to change without notice and is indicative only.  Macquarie Alternative Assets Management Limited, the responsible entity of the VOLition Fund, is not bound by the figures set out above and is not liable to cover any difference between the indicative valuation and the amounts payable on actual redemption.  Furthermore amounts payable on redemption will be subject to loan repayment obligations and break costs as set out in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and loan documentation.

An investment in the VOLition Fund is designed to be held until maturity.

The indicative valuations above may be materially different to the actual prices realised on redemption of an investment in the VOLition Fund.  This is because the indicative valuations are based on estimated (or theoretical) values of the underlying components of the Index Contract and Cash Investments and not the actual value of these components at the time of redemption.

For up to date information please go to: Macquarie | Volition

Other Structured Products

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