Products and Services as at 2007



Today (2007) Freeman Fox consists of 5 divisions:

  1. Wealth Club
  2. Stockbroking
  3. Property (management and sales)
  4. Finance
  5. Seminars and Education


Wealth Club

Wealth Club is Freeman Fox’s Financial planning division providing our primary product. In this division we provide our clients with all the financial planning requirements that they will need to help them implement the Freeman Fox Strategies.

This membership based service is a 12 month program and includes 3 levels; Ruby, Sapphire and Platinum, and depending on the needs of our clients will determine which level is best suited to them.

Ruby is best suited to our clients who have smaller portfolios – generally up to $100k and are simply looking for specific purpose financial advice on the occasional product offerings rather than their entire portfolio. They want to be involved with a Financial Planning company, to be kept up to date on the latest trends, market updates and product offerings.

Sapphire has been designed for the majority of our clients (with portfolios of between $100k-$500k) and is our most popular (and arguably, best value) level of membership. It offers a one on one coaching style of planning with one of our Wealth Creation Managers, and an opportunity to have a full financial plan written in line with Peter Spann’s latest recommendations.

Platinum has been designed for our high net worth clients with portfolios of over $500k. If clients have a complicated structure and want the advice of a Senior Wealth Creation Manager, then this service provides them with a membership that has lower fees and charges.

Wealth Club is without doubt our primary product as it is the first step of our client acquisition process feeding business to the other divisions of the Company. Through our financial planning arm, we have the ability to provide our members with the additional services to help them invest.


Freeman Fox Securities is our Stockbroking arm offering Full Service Share and Options trading. Designed to assist our clients implement the strategies they learn at our seminars, our brokers are also able to assist clients with any of the strategies that they would like to implement.



Freeman Fox Finance are Members of the Mortgage Industry Association of Australia. Freeman Fox Finance are able to assist clients with all their home and investment property loans. Acting as a broker they are able to match the most appropriate loan whilst ensuring it follows Peter’s strategy recommendations. In addition the Finance division is also able to provide personal and business finance on many products such as cars, laptops, business goods etc.



Freeman Fox Property currently focused on providing Property Management to our clients in Queensland. Freeman Fox Property are Licensed Real Estate Agents and Members of the Real Estate Institute NSW and Real Estate Institute QLD.


Seminars and Education

Seminars and Education having been run by Freeman Fox for over 10 years, are now being looked after through our sister company Jornada. Jornada (meaning “the way of life” in Spanish), has been designed to market and sell Freeman Fox’s existing financial seminars as well as other business, personal development, health and relationship programs. Included within Jornada will also be an opportunity for high net worth clients to join Jornada Elite – a unique personal development experience that allows clients to interact on a regular basis with Peter and push themselves to the next level of learning.