Changing Lives Through Financial Freedom!




  1. Integrity

  • “What we promise, we deliver”
  • To keep the best interests of all involved at heart
  • To be truthful, honest and trustworthy at all times
  • To ensure that the products and services we deliver are the best we can offer with the resources available to us
  • To know and understand our policies, procedures and compliance obligations and fulfill them


  1. Excellence

  • To work in a highly effective and efficient manner.
  • To produce quality work at all times and adopt a “good enough isn’t” attitude.
  • To be professional in our conduct, appearance and manner at all times.
  • To ensure all work is checked, error free and accurate before committing it to clients or business partners.
  • To ensure that our products and services are “best of breed”
  • Best practice


  1. Growth

  • To be constantly teaching coaching and guiding fellow team members, our members and clients.
  • To be constantly gaining and passing on new knowledge that will help us all in our work and our lives.
  • To attend team training, become a trainer when required and learn how to present information in a stimulating and informative way.
  • Make complex things simple
  • To be open to constructive feedback, ask questions for clarification and make sure that we fully understand our roles, instructions, and our important contribution to the team.
  • To be pro-active when we don’t understand, are struggling or need help or training to carry out our role
  • To be pro-active in helping others when we see they need it.
  • To encourage creative and constructive debate.


  1. Service

  • To be constantly looking for ways to improve our service to our clients both internal and external.
  • To understand what our clients expect of us and know how to deliver it.
  • To be knowledgeable and aware of our offered services and products and promises made in our marketing material to answer client enquiries and know what our role is in delivering them.
  • To alert team leaders to client dissatisfaction or feedback both positive and negative.


  1. Team Work

  • To work together as a team.
  • To be an ambassador of Freeman Fox in and out of the work place.
  • Always communicate positively.
  • To respect each other and our differences.
  • To listen to all members of the team and consider everybody’s opinion.
  • To be cooperative, adopt a win-win philosophy and a can-do attitude.
  • To create and promote a good atmosphere in the office and at all work functions
  • To attend team functions, be on time and participate fully in company events.
  • To make the work place a fun place to be for everybody involved.
  1. Results

  • Focus on the collective goals and results of the company
  • Develop integrated and holistic investing strategies that will produce growth and income towards financial freedom
  • To be aware of and monitor your personal Role, Goals, and KPI’s and how they impact the results of the company
  • Find ways to generate revenue, save costs and drive profitability
  • Understand and appreciate resources, minimise waste, limit consumption
  • Environmentally friendly


  1. Innovation

  • Strive for original thought
  • Foster and maintain our competitive difference
  • To be driving for constant improvement at all times
  • Contribute my personal expertise, ideas and creativity to developing an inspiring business
  • To challenge norms, old thinking, outdated models and processes to create a better solution
  • To be constantly seeking was to improve what we do at Freeman Fox.